Scrumping for Quinces

It is the hottest October since 1984 and the boughs of a near-by neighbours tree are heavy with enormous ripe quinces.  One successful scrumping expedition later and I have a kitchen full of their fragrant citrus apple perfume.  I have decided to make everything and anything possible with them starting with quince paste or ‘Membrillo’. This soft fruity preserve goes beautifully with cheese (typically Manchego) and is sold by the (very expensive) ounce. It is notoriously tricky to make, but worth a go… I’ll update you once the mission begins…




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4 responses to “Scrumping for Quinces

  1. ST

    They feasted on Mince
    And slices of Quince
    Which they ate with a runcible spoon…

    Delicious adventures, can’t wait for the feasting!

  2. jane

    Hi Anna, its Jane here, Jules friend. Can you put your orange polenta cake on here. I made it from inter net but not as good as yours. Have Harriets beetroot cake receipe if you want it. Will also try that chutney you are such a brilliant cook..

    • Hey Jane!
      Yes of course I will put it up, It was next on the list actually! I have quite a back log of things to post! The recipe I have is lemon, but you could substitute for orange juice to flavour it.. I’ll look into some alternatives.. That chutney is really really good, let me know how it turns out! Nice to hear from you x Anna

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