So it’s officially Monday and I have just stopped cooking. Only for 7 hours though, and then it’s all go in time to feed my splendid guests tomorrow evening.

The jellies are in the fridge sitting next to the pork pies, the beetroot is pickling and the almond stuffed chocolate dipped prunes are safely wrapped in wax paper, the pheasants are marinading in their rich gamey Madeira spiced sauce and the Tudor mince pies are stuffed in their saffron pastry, folded and ready to be fried and dusted in sparkling sugar.  PHEW!

To all my guests: Please see the amendments to the menu on the Supper Club page and the post below. Only a few tweaks, but good ones! See you tomorrow!



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4 responses to “THE DAY IS UPON US

  1. Nick

    looking forward to it, fasting before the blow out.

  2. That sounds like a feast! And you made it sound so exciting! I hope it’s a wonderful joyous occasion and everyone eats to their fill! Happy eating!

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