Some special thanks are in order for my local suppliers who brought me the amazing ingredients that made the first Anna’s Cafe Supper Club the delicious event it was!

William Rose Butchers.

Purveyor of excellent meaty goods on Lordship Lane

(“How many pheasants?!”)


SMBS Green Grocers

… also on Lordship Lane

(“You want purple carrots of a PARTICULAR size?!”)


A Special mention also goes out to Khans Bargains on Peckham Rye Lane for the most amazing spice aisle anyone has ever seen and for providing all the miscellaneous items like orange flower water, little thin candles,  an ENORMOUS bag of ground almonds at a ridiculously low price, spices spices spices, and a shiny new slotted spoon!

Image courtesy of the hilarious Khans Bargain tribute post on gorgeous food blog Food Stories

And finally to Nick Cash. For his excellent homegrown jerusalem artichokes. Straight outta the allotment!

T H A N K   Y O U   A L L !


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