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Long time, no blog…

Hello everyone….

I am of course, feeling rather bashful for not posting a recipe for well over 2 months… But it has been a VERY busy 2 months. A very busy year in fact…

I’m going to bite the bullet, and tell you all about it…

Last year I left my job in a big arts organisation and decided I would see if I could turn my cooking into a career. I also knew that I didn’t want to lose the momentum of several other projects brewing with my newly freelanced partner in crime and dearest friend ST, so I took the bizarre decision to do both: arts/education event project management, and cooking. It has been an interesting experiment to say the least.

It started with this, my beloved blog. Writing about my recipes is cathartic and confidence building in equal measure, next was starting a company for London’s under 25s to access participatory arts opportunities and deliver bespoke project management with ST and finally, catering, and cooking professionally…

One of the main challenges as a freelancer is making sure that each of your employers know that they are the priority. Because of course, they ALL ARE, all at once. I am currently working on several bespoke catering commissions, being a chef 3 days a week, and administrating a massive arts organisation on a car park roof in Peckham; not to mention planning our entirely DIY wedding in September…Juggling is not the word. But I am keeping up, getting things done and moving forward.

Now I am facing the conundrum of which to choose… Or do I continue doing everything? Every aspect of each of my jobs is fulfilling at this point: whipping up pizzettas at the cafe on makeshift pizza stones from the hardware store, drawing up endless schedules for a gang of fantastic and enthusiastic interns on the roof and dreaming up menus for a wide variety of catering clients… I don’t want to chose! So for now, I won’t… I am certainly enjoying having the freedom to do everything I love.

I have been cooking (for those of you wondering when I’m going to get to the recipe) but documenting things at home has become very rare as so much else takes precedence (those schedules for example) so a recipe post now feels impossible to start! How about we take a vote? I need a push to get me writing on here again so why don’t you let me know what you’d like to see… Take your pick, A, B or C

A. Vegetable Tarts and Perfect Shortcrust Pastry (for hungry customers at a cafe)

B. Summer Ribollita (for when you have 6 people over for a meeting on a Saturday)

C. Cooking for Caravanners (for when you finally get a holiday)

***Please note: This post will be written, but only once we open the exhibition on the roof, and I get back from my hen-do next week, and once I’ve thought up several pizza toppings for the new Pizzetta Thursdays at the Cafe and….. Oh gawd…



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