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Chilli Oil

So very spicy, and so very good!

I made this chilli oil when I saw the most beautiful peppers at the wondrous Khans Bargains on Rye Lane in Peckham. They looked like the usual scotch bonnet peppers we have an abundance of in our local markets, those fiery Caribbean beauties that come in fluorescent hues of orange, yellow, red and green, but these ones were smaller, and the skin was thicker. They looked dangerous, so I bought them.

Fiery Chilli Oil

2 handfuls of hot peppers (you can use any type of chilli for this really)
Olive Oil
Dried chilli flakes (if you want to feel the burn)

Find a suitable receptacle and sterilise it well, including the lid. Sterilising tips in this post here. (I used an old ketchup bottle as it had a nice large opening better to stuff the peppers into. A smaller opening is better for pouring though so maybe invest in one of those oil pouring spouts if you have an aversion to great sloshes when you want a drizzle)

Thoroughly wash and dry your peppers, coat in a little olive oil and roast on a high heat in the oven until the peppers are starting to shrink, about 15 minutes.You’ll know when they are ready because the smell coming from the oven will make your eyes water!

Drop the warm peppers into your receptacle:

Sprinkle in a few chilli flakes if you fancy

Top with olive oil, seal. Wait at least a few days so the flavour can fully mingle.

I continue to top my oil up with fresh olive oil as I use it. The heat from the peppers has lasted and intensified so I should really call this never ending chilli oil.

KITCHEN TIP: I have heard stories that the chillies can go mouldy when treated like this. As far as I know, if you use raw chillies you have to be really careful when you wash and then DRY them. Any remaining water will encourage mould. If you roast them as I did I think this problem is averted as you are killing any bacteria on the chillies. It would also be advisable to warm the oil or even slowly heat the oil and chillies together before bottling. I’ll let you know if I have any problems. Until then, I’ll be making many pizzas and spicing them up…



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