I am a professionally trained chef and caterer based in Peckham, South East London. I am currently setting up my own restaurant and wine bar but in the meantime I am available for private events, catering and pop-ups. Please see my catering page for further information.

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33 responses to “About

  1. Hannah Barry

    I am so thrilled you’ve done this – it looks and sounds amazing! HXXX

  2. Funshopskiparound

    Yay, a million yays! And add one hurrah! Stir in a yippeee! And season with a wahey!

  3. Juliet Harvey

    Lovely darling! Who can forget the wonderful Lemon Polenta cake that you made for my birthday! I just wish I had grabbed a slice before it all disappeared…

    Mum xxxx

  4. muffi

    I am so proud of you , great idea and it all looks so yummy.

  5. Hugh

    Blog-tastic !!!

  6. Juliet Harvey

    Don’t forget our famous Chocolate Cake!
    Mum x

  7. Lucy

    So, Annascafe. I have a bowl of lovely stewed apples with cinnamon in my fridge. What can i have them with to make a more substantial eating experience? (other than the kids fav, ice-cream). x

    • Hey Lucy! Here are a couple of (unhealthy) options easy to make with the little ones:
      1: Fried Apple Sandwiches. melt butter in a pan. Butter two pieces of white bread, put stewed apples on un-buttered side and sandwich together. Quickly fry in the meted butter, flipping only once the underside is brown and crisp. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and eat with ice cream/cream/yoghurt/on its own. mmmmmmm
      2. Simple Apple Sponge. Shock horror, we make this in the microwave! Make a simple sponge batter (4ox butter, 4 oz sugar, 4 oz flour, 2 eggs, 4 tbs milk) beat butter and sugar until creamy, add beaten egg, then flour, then milk to get good dropping consistency. Spoon 4 or 5 tbs stewed apple (or jam as we used to) in to the bottom of a microwave safe bowl, put sponge mix on top and microwave on full power for about 4-5 mins until sponge is firm to the touch. It will have the texture somewhere in between baked and a steamed sponge. Don’t try and turn it out, just spoon the warm cake out into bowls and serve with custard.
      Hope that helps! Alternatively just eat it warm on top of ice cream, or in yoghurt, or with custard…….

  8. Bloody marvellous! Really enjoying the blog – all looks super yum xxx

  9. Liz Lumley-Smith

    annascafe looks yummy scrumptious Anna. Congratulations on an enticing looking website. All I need now is a special occasion to call you to Bristol !

    All the best Liz

  10. Juliet Harvey

    And talking of special occasions there are a few October birthdays coming up… how about recipes for a birthday feast?
    Do you remember how well that chocolate cake coped with being turned into a hedgehog with Smartie eyes?(Do smarties still exist?) Lovely for the children who who enjoyed your Apple Sandwiches.

    mum x

  11. Juliet Harvey

    Despite evidence to the contrary I have not turned into an owl…

    hoo hoo mum x

  12. Rosalind

    Hey dearest sister, I’ve only now had a chance to properly look at your blog and may I say it looks WONDROUS. Lovely photos (but does Tom not mind having one of a semi-decent him sprawled in bed, online for all and sundry to ogle??! maybe he likes it…) and your food looks amazing, but we all knew that already. I am so proud of you. I will pass on your deets to anyone I know who is looking for catering. You are fabulous!
    Love sister R xxxxxxx

  13. Rosalind

    ps – I have a question about tarte tatin for you. Tried to make it last night and it all fell apart in a big heap (Louis re-named it ‘tarte SPLAT-in’). It still tasted nice but next time I’d quite like not to have to hide it under a massive spoonful of cream before serving to to my guests… Got any tatin tips?
    I was using this recipe:

  14. Hugh

    Hey Anna, am trying your Ham with Flageolet beans today. Instead of boiling up the ham in water, I am thinking of using cider. What do you think?

    Dad X

    • A delayed response that I emailed after cooking had commenced: Cooking in cider is good but I was going to suggest that might not be necessary as the pre-boil is really only to get rid of excess salt, and the cider flavour might have been smothered by the stewing process….

  15. Following you from the states–can’t wait to try the almond milk jelly—looks fantastic!

  16. hello, i just nominated you for the versatile blogger award ~ i love your recipes and the photography is amazing!



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