Hello there followers!

So it’s one year (plus a bit) later and I think  I’m past the apology stage so I’m just going to jump right in!

A LOT has happened.

A roof top wedding, a new company and a new job…

Beautiful Supper Table



















And it’s thanks to PEXMAS for my jet-packed launch back into the blogosphere because yesterday I had a rather FANTASTIC time squishing squirty-cream pies into local Peckham business owners’ faces. Yes that’s right…

Let me tell you how we got here…

Last Christmas my dearest friend and colleague in crime, Sarah suggested we do something FUN. We plotted and schemed and decided that a festive market was just what Peckham (and our work lives) needed, so Pexmas was born. Pexmas Festive Market was held at The Dye House in Peckham to an audience of 2,000 merry shoppers. We had stalls selling everything from bespoke chocolate brownies to Bauhaus inspired jewelery; Sarah and I developed the worlds most delicious mulled wine and I squirreled away in my kitchen every night making 1,000 Tudor Mince Pies (first seen at my Tudor Feast). It was just too good to not do another so we formed a company with our Dye House friends Nicky and Guy and now we are launching our next market into the world: MUNCH! A fantastic phenomenal foodie market, right in the heart of Peckham.

13th – 14th JULY 2013 MUNCH is coming. A food market with a whole lot more… Talks, workshops, demos, street food, fresh produce, cheese, brownies craft beer, kitchenware, tableware, tupperware! So you must ALL come and sample the fine delights MUNCH has to offer. To promote and spread the word about Pexmas our collaborator in crime John Quilter came up with the idea of a massive pie fight, and of course we couldn’t resist that! He’d throw the pies, we’d spread the word and hopefully pie themed publicity chaos would ensue!

So in honour of the upcoming market I deliver you, the first recipe from Anna’s Cafe 2013…

How to make a #MUNCH #PIE !



Spray Paint

Paper Plates

Squirty Cream

A Willing Business Owner

First take your finest logo and slice it diligently into a template!


Now visit Khan’s Bargains and purchase their cheapest spray paint and decorate your paper plates

Spray Cream

Delicately apply squirty-cream to your finely decorated plates and search out your first victim business owner

Apply the plate, to their face (John Quilter optional), film it, tag it, and stick it on VINE (witty comments optional)JQ

I know, I know, this is HARDLY a recipe of my usual calibre (!) but I urge you all to go out there and take a pie for the team… the Pexmas Team! #MUNCH #PIE and next time, I promise a REAL recipe. Maybe even a real custard pie. Now that’s a pie I would get behind, or in front of!

Find all the info, details of the wonderful participants (and the pie films!) here…


and here…



Nice to be back x


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